Community Property- does it matter


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Community property – does it matter?

Your home is your castle, or so it is said.  Who you share your castle with is important in the eyes of the law.  Knowing how your state views the sale and purchase of Real Estate could help you avoid legal surprises- as it relates to your castle.

Some states are considered community property states, where the spouses own all property equally. In this situation, if one partner is purchasing a property as individual ownership, the title company will require the spouse of a married person acquiring title to specifically disclaim or relinquish his or her right, title, and interest in the property.

Time to buy your castle?  Then ask yourself this one question-

Are YOU in a Community Property State? Here they are for 2018

Looking to buy or sell Real Estate in SE Connecticut then give me a call and let’s discuss your CASTLE and how to make YOUR Real Estate Dreams a reality!

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Millennials in the market for new homes


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There is a good storm brewing and it is compliments of the millennials who are entering the home ownership market!  Recent news stories have made the point that, despite the student debt issues often in the news, the millennials have been stashing away the bucks.  And this stash, at least for 1 in 6 of them, is amounting to over $100K in savings- WELL DONE FOLKS!!!

In a recent Real Estate article in REALTOR Mag it was pointed out that:

“…Millennials came of age during the Great Recession and the financial crisis. They’ve faced high levels of student loan debt. But still, the survey shows that many are getting their financial lives in order, and home buying is increasingly on their to-do list….” 

This is great news!  Both for the millennial buyers who are about to become homeowners but also for all those folks who have been wanting to sell, but had held back on listing their homes for sale.  This subtle shift brings to the housing market buyers as well as excitement and energy- which, after all, is the trademark of the millennial generation.

As we approach the SPRING Listing and Selling market in Connecticut it is important to be sure you have made your home Ready for $ale.  Today’s buyer is a discerning and knowledgeable buyer.  They have tastes spurred in part due to the abundance of home flipping, selling and decorating shows that one can find on such popular channels as HGTV (the most well known). They also, read above, have $$ to qualify for a mortgage and purchase a property.  So why shouldn’t it be yours?!

Thinking of a 2018 sale ?

Then the time to start is NOW- set up your appointment, discuss the numbers specific to you and your property, make the most of the warmer weather- when it arrives and be ready to RISE & SHINE above the competition when the SPRING Market begins.

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Holiday Happenings NIANTIC


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Holiday Happenings in Niantic- Time to get Super Excited!!!

With the Holiday Season upon us there is one event young and old alike in the area look forward to and that is the Niantic Holiday Light Parade!

Details you need to know:

  • When:  Saturday December 9 2017   Weather looks good – maybe even some SNOW!!
  • Time: about 6pm – but get there much earlier to get your SPOT along the Route and find parking!
  • What to bring: Your patience, HOLIDAY ENTHUSIASM & SPIRIT!!!!
  • What to know:  The parade bills itself as the Largest and Longest running holiday light parade in New England! Dress warmly and enjoy!
  • The route per the Town website –> The parade will begin from the top of the hill near Frosty Treat/Casablanca Wicker, and make its way down to Pennsylvania Avenue.

In the event of RAIN the rain date will be Sunday 10 DECEMBER 6PM



Holiday Happenings East Haddam


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Holiday Happenings in East Haddam… 

Looking forward to SNOW on the ground for the holidays?!  Don’t worry it will be here soon enough.  In the meantime to keep you in the Holiday Spirit Stop by the STUFF A CRUISER toy drive in East Haddam this weekend!

  • When:  Saturday DECEMBER 2 2017
  • Where: Nathan Hale Plaza 26 Falls Rd Moodus
  • What to bring: New UNwrapped Toys for children ages infant to 18yo. Also accepting donations of Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Socks for children of all ages!

All donations will be distributed through EHYFS (East Haddam Youth and Family Services) to children within the community.

Need additional information?  Email



Rehab your thing…Serious rehab?


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Rehab your thing..Serious rehab? There is a niche market of homes in the Southeastern and Central Connecticut area that are in need of TLC and much more!  If you are into rehab and can take on serious rehab projects then we need to talk-

When you see a home with holes in roof visible from the road- do you run or want to know more?

When you see missing pieces of the house- such as porches, windows or stairs- do you run or want to know more?

When you see YEARS of work to be done- at first estimate- do you run or ask “When can I start?”?

If your friends and family often think you have more passion than common sense- then this niche may be for you!!!

If you can answer run to any of the above- then this niche is not for you- move onto my regular property listings at  

HOWEVER- if you simply want to know more- then let’s talk and see if we can match YOU with your next project!!! and face it- the sky is the limit- when you have the passion to take on what others deem impossible!



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Money hiding at home? How to get that mortgage now


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Money hiding at home? Do you, or someone you know, have money hiding at home?  We are not talking about a couple dollars here and there, here we are discussing the folks that are not great fans of the banking system and have chosen to stay close to their funds.  Sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars- at home. And now they want to buy a property.  Maybe a second home, Maybe an investment, Maybe a vacation home, Maybe commercial property- they want to buy something Real Estate related.  First- Congratulations on being such a diligent saver!  Now onto

That money at home sure would come in handy when making a purchase of this nature, but if not handled correctly the money hiding at home may NOT BE USEFUL at all!  OUCH!

Blue Skies ahead! There is a way to make it work for you and allow you to achieve your dreams.  This money needs to be seasoned.  Seasoned is the term used for money that has known origins and comes from a banking institution.  The number one way to produce ‘seasoned’ money for a Real Estate transaction is to have it in the bank for at least 2 months. (some lenders may require a bit more time- so it is good to ask if this scenario applies to you)

The next obstacle to home savers will be sourcing of funds.  what is sourcing?  This is the tracking of funds to origin.  If you have a regular weekly deposit; such as paycheck, it is easy to source the funds.  The problem arises when you have sudden deposits that are non recurring, or one time large deposits.  Most lenders will need to know from where the funds originated.  Very often it is a simple explanation; a year end bonus, a large sale resulting in larger than normal commission payment, proceeds from sale of other real estate, or perhaps a family gift.  But other times it is not so simple and the appearance is the funds appeared seemingly “out of nowhere”.  This is often the case with those who fall into the “money hiding at home” category.

In the end you have the funds to do what you wish and you have the property you wish to purchase- Talk to your lender, know what they need, and then do as they ask and be sure the funds appear in the manner they need to make the underwriters happy and allow your purchase to proceed as seamlessly as possible!!!

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Land for Sale New London CT Site Plan Approved

Ready to build your own home? This Land for Sale in New London CT is Site Plan Approved

and ready for you to make your home a reality.  2Story 4 bedroom home will be situated on this corner lot.  Conveniently located minutes to shopping, schools and even on bus route for ease of getting around.

Reach out for additional details

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Are you spying on potential buyers


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Are you spying on potential buyers? And do you need to disclose this surveillance information to your REALTOR® ?

This is a question that comes up more and more often when preparing a home for sale on the market.  This is a discussion you, the homeowner, need to be prepared to have with your REALTOR® when listing your home for sale.  This is a topic you will want to explore. This is a legal area you will want to become familiar with, in your state, and how to apply these laws in the day to day activities involved in selling a home- from broker open houses, to public open houses, to private showings, to inspections and appraisals.  No doubt there is a lot to know in order to not run amuck of the legalities of the business of both protecting your property AND selling your home.

Connecticut is a -1- Party state- and this summary of CT laws gives you an overview with which to begin the conversation.  It is taken from Law & Ethics section  Video and Audio Surveillance Survey

A person may record oral conversations where either  the person is a party to the conversation or at least  one of the participants has consented to the recording.
A person may not knowingly photographing, filming or  recording in any way another person’s image without  consent in situations where the person is unaware of  the filming, not in plain view and has a reasonable  expectation of privacy

In June 2016 published an interesting article on the same subject, one all sellers- and buyers should read PRIOR to beginning the process of selling or shopping for a home.

Looking to buy or sell? Or currently listed For Sale By Owner and thinking ‘this is not what I thought it would be’?  Searching for guidance and a buyer ready to purchase YOUR home to you can move onto YOUR next journey? Then reach out and let’s chat about it-

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Looking to sell in Connecticut

What does this picture mean to your plans … Let’s talk and find best position for your future sale!  When you are placing your home on the market it is imperative that you understand selling is about more than just the home itself.  Knowing who is shopping and WHERE they are shopping is a big part of the process.  Contact me today to discuss your particular situation 860-575-5001  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties   Need to know your home’s value- Find out here!


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