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As I spend the morning with a cup of coffee and a dose of CNN I am thinking wow, are there any people out there even capable of considering a home purchase.  Doom and gloom is the order of the day on mainstream media.  The talk is about numbers out of work, numbers on unemployment..still, numbers at each job fair, numbers of dollars spent on education and education loans.  With all these numbers ones head could begin to spin. 

So where is the good news?  Great question.  Well the good news is that if you have done your due diligence and have managed credit and savings in the past there are some incredible deals to be had in real estate.  Doing your homework, knowing what you can spend or risk is step one and then working with a professional that can assist you in narrowing your search to those properties that fit your criteria is the key to productive use of your time, and lets face it time is about as scarce as jobs and money these days!  Finally, once you find the real estate that matches your criteria you will need to enter into the negotiation phase of real estate.  This is where having the real estate professional at your side can pay off in tangible dollars and cents.

Entering into the negotiation phase without all the facts is a major mistake.  You know the property you have found meets your criteria, and if you are placing an offer on the property- than guess what, the other side- the seller- now knows it too.  How do you even the playing field?  How do you gain the upper hand in negotiation?  By having current and accurate information about the market, and sales.  This is what your real estate professional brings to the table.  Working together with you s/he can help make the most attractive and fair offer to the seller, with the best chance of success.

So as you, like me, begin your day with a dose of coffee and CNN/FOX or MSNBC, just remember there is a silver lining..you just may have to pull back a few layers to find it, but don’t ever give up!! 

Make it a great day!