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..for a moment. If you are paying attention –daily- to interest rates your heart skipped a beat last week when rates for 30-year mortgage dropped below 4%.  But as they say- all good things must come to an end, and below 4% seems to be something that has done just that.

Now the real questions are in hindsight should you have jumped all over it?  Are you ready to jump all over 3.94% ?  Is your financial house in order for the next time that ‘window of opportunity’ opens?  In the scope of things purchasing real estate is exciting and can even be a financial win, but taking advantage of great opportunities means doing your prep work , setting the number that is YOUR go number, and when it hits- GO!  (But really, putting it all in perspective, come on is 4.19% really that bad????)

Happy Hunting in North Texas!

Looking in North Texas, East of Dallas, around Lake Ray Hubbard- Forney, Heath, McLendon-Chisholm, Rockwall, Poetry and so on…Give me a call or email me- would love to help.