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The number one thing you can do to help your home sell more quickly is to remove clutter!  Start with the easy stuff- magazines and newspapers.  Ok I know we live in a technology society so who has paper clutter anymore??  Apparently more people than would like to admit it.  So just clean it up- throw it out- and if that is not an option then get a box, pack it up and put it in the attic.

This leads to number 2- the garage.  Please dont clean up the house only to stack everything you own in the garage.  The garage is by far the second most looked at room after the kitchen!  If the kitchen and the garage pass inspection by potential buyers you are on your way to a sale!  However, it is hard for a potential home owner to look at a jam packed garage and think of all the possibilities.  If your garage is just packed from life and experiences- Good For You!  But now we are getting ready to sell, so if you need to put those experiences in a storage locker to let the endless possibilities shine through- then now is the time to do so!

From here the rest of the basic list is simple- Clean and Sparkle!

  1. Screens and Windows
  2. Light Fixtures and ‘brighter’ bulbs
  3. Doorknobs need cleaning- or maybe even replacing if it would give that new sparkle that captures attention!
  4. Do not forget light switches- and the wall around them- clean and sparkle!
  5. Clean the Fridge- Clean the Stove- YES, inside and outside!, Clean the counters and backsplash and even polish up the microwave.  Clean the shelves in the pantry and cupboards- no crumbs need to be left in sight.
  6. After everything looks the way you would expect if you were looking at homes- go out the front door for a few minutes then walk back in- close your eyes- tell me- what do you smell?  Nothing- GREAT!  Pets?Smoke?Last night’s catfish?- Not so good….Eliminating odors is the last step in the process- once you have elminated the unpleasant odors- then you can add pleasant ones- Keep some quick cookie dough in the fridge and if you know there will be a showing- pop in one batch of cookies- 11minutes to the smell of mmmmmmmm!  Nothing says home like Chocolate Chip Cookies!
  7. Outside- focus on curb appeal- are your numbers visible- could they be polished or replaced for the POP factor?  Easy/inexpensive fix.
  8. Gutters need a clean out- maybe repair a leak or two??
  9. Rake up any loose leaves- trim the bushes and add some planter boxes or seasonal foliage to welcome guests- oh and speaking of welcoming- have you looked down at your welcome mat lately?  Is it worn and tattered- replace it- and then add one just inside the front door, if you dont have one already.  We hope to have lots of traffic coming in to see the house- so lets try to do so without letting all the outside dirt inside!

For more helpful hints and direction on how to prepare to place your home on the market- call Dawn anytime 214-604-4561