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and you haven’t sold your home.  Have you had plenty of showings and no offers?  If so, that could be a signal there is a pricing problem- or it is not showing well for some reason.

If, however,  showings are not even happening you may need to ask how is the home being marketed, IS it being marketed?  With 3 out of 4 home buyers beginning the home search process on the internet there is every reason to be sure your home, your area, your city are all represented on the internet.  This, my friend, is Social Media– and the goal is to take you viral!  No longer is an MLS listing enough, getting buyers to read about your area, know what there is to offer when they buy your home, is critical to success in the Real Estate marketing activites of 2011 and beyond!  Let us create your online presence- Let Avery Realty get your home, your city, your community recognized- Let Avery Realty not only show your home- but SHOW OFF your home..as a child you probably learned it’s not nice to brag, but when selling Real Estate that rule has a little * next to it, because in Real Estate it is imperative to BRAG!!!