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If you are a puppy fan than this blog is for you!  And if you are exhausted day after day from trying to keep up with your new puppy- then I’m going to guess you are the proud parent of a Blue Heeler puppy!  Full bred, or a mix thereof, it is my opinion it does not matter- if there is Blue Heeler in the lineage than there is constant motion in your current situation.

These puppies are full of love and the desire to ‘do a job’.  If you cannot give them a job to do- such as herding cattle, or sheep- then they will find little jobs to do around the house for you.  There are always socks to steal, I mean pick up! Or Toys to eat, I mean put away.  Or garbage to be gotten into, I mean picked up.  A blue heeler is smart as any dog and if left to themselves for extended periods they seem to find mischief at every corner.

During their down periods they do have another trait which makes you notice them- the need to run and the seeming inability to sit for extended periods of time.  In the average suburban 7000 sq ft lot this means – oh roughly 75-100 laps around the backyard at least 5 times a day!!  Can you say lawn maintenance!??

Oh maybe it isn’t that bad, maybe it is simply when the 7month old Blue Heeler pup is running circles around the 10yr old Rotty, who thinks exercise is pulling the food bowl closer for easier eating from a lying down position, well it just makes the Heeler look like the Energizer bunny!!

Ahh look- he just fell asleep- great I have 10 free minutes to get this blog posted!!