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Have you thought this?  Why? Conventional wisdom is not always wise.  Who knows maybe this was true 20-30 years ago, I don’t know, wasn’t buying or selling homes 30 years ago!  Soooooo can only speak to the here and now…and here is what I am thinking about now!

By all means- if you would like to list your home- LIST IT NOW!!!

Here are the reasons to really think about it and then do it….

Who does not like to look at homes decorated for the holidays!!  and doesn’t a decorated home give anyone and everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling inside!!

Potential buyers during the holidays are notoriously more motivated/serious than Spring home tour shoppers….(IMHO)

Holiday season means less competition- this takes us back to that conventional wisdom of people being hesitant to list during the holidays- so why shouldn’t you buck the trend and get your home out there-

This leads us into Less Competition which can mean more ca$h.  The law of supply/demand working in your favor!  (On top of Avery Properties 4% Listing this is great news!) What could be a better holiday gift to yourself!

Relocating workers- and yes North Texas is a hot relocation market- they cannot wait for a ‘better time’ a ‘non holiday season’ to buy- they are RELOCATING and they are buying now!

If you want to sell, if you want to list- don’t let the holidays put off those plans.  Give me a call and we can set up a game plan that works for you and your family during the holidays all while getting your home sold!  Dawn 214-604-4561

Happy Thanksgiving!!!