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OK, perhaps I am stretching it a bit, but based on my numerous attempts to get onto Twitter this morning, only to be met by the infamous FAIL-WHALE and the message that Twitter is Over Capacity, I’d have to say BOTH Twitter and Home inventories are over Capacity!

With Twitter I get frustrated and then keep trying and voila- we are back in business.  Well wait, it is kind of the same with home inventories.  A bit of frustration, some offers that fall apart at the 11th hour, not getting the price or deal we were expecting, but we press on — and in the end Home sales are up, if prices are a bit down, but the deal is we are ‘back in business’ and Homes for Sale are turing into Sold Homes.

The message is simple, just as you would not let the Fail-Whale or the Over Capacity message stop you from signing into Twitter- do not let the News Media and the constant drone of housing data and negative stories on inventories keep you from getting into Real Estate..if that is where you want to be!  ….Happy Tweeting!