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If Life is about numbers to you then let me put a few numbers in front of you and let you draw the conclusions…so a few years ago many of the houses you are interested in were valued at $250,000 and a homeowner would of put down maybe 3-5%, so let’s just say on a $250,000 home they put down about $11,500 and got a decent (THEN) interest rate of 7% for 30 years on the financed piece of $238,500  The equation would leave them with an estimated monthly payment of roughly $1586 per month.


You are that buyer- the home you are interested in is no longer valued at $250000, the market price is closer to $215,000  That in and of itself is great news to a buyer- but there is more- you have maintained your credit rating, you have saved for your downpayment- the one you planned for on the $250,000 home and you are able to qualify for the current 4% rate for 30 years…your dream home is now SAVING you almost $700 a month..as those monthly payments drop to just under $980/month..

Let Avery Realty Group/Avery Properties show you how to find the homes that are best able to help you meet your dreams and then help you pay the lowest possible price for them to match current market conditions!!  We understand the numbers, we seek to keep as much money as we can in your pocket!  Let us show you how…Ready, Set, Go…..

  Life is always about the numbers..afterall!!