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Football…after church and family activities, Football is by far one of the most common shared experiences of American family life on Sundays. Living in Dallas it is almost a requirement to either watch Sunday Football games, go to the game, be able to catch Sports Center for all the updates..or be a part of a Fantasy League! If you don’t manage to accomplish at least one of these in Texas you will probably be left out of a good many conversations from August-February!

So it is always confusing when January rolls around and there is no more Football! What, you say?? Oh heck..the Giants are playing. Well that is not Cowboys football, so in North Texas it just don’t count. Watching the New Orleans game yesterday I couldn’t help but think…that was Dallas back in the day! Where have those days gone…and how much pain and suffering does a North Texan have to endure before we see a winning team again! For all the talk about what a great economy Texas has, and how there are jobs in Texas, and how the housing market was not hit so bad in the economic downturn in Texas….one part of the perfection is missing…WINNING FOOTBALL!

So come on Dallas…none of this hanging out in Mexico and Hawaii during the off season, based on your record..tooooo many years in a row…get to work and get it together. You have not earned a vacation….don’t kid yourself, you do not get paid to 8 and skate…your job is not to show up and play…all the zeros on those contracts you sign are for one thing and one thing only…to WIN!

Now come on, if Jerry has faith in you then we do too…but we can’t do it for you…creating the perfect game plan and having perfect coaching is not going to do it for you..life is about executing the plan with what you have been given….Ever read the book Who Moved My Cheese? Well boys…start reading cause your Cheese done got moved!

Goooooooo Cowboys! (may the Giants lose today! )