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Being from New England and transplanted to Texas some 20 years ago I know that living in the northern part of this country has days you either LOVE or HATE.  This has been a relatively easy winter..so far, but then again February is right around the corner and who knows what that might bring, and after the last few winters many Northerns have, quite frankly, had enough.  If you have ever considered checking out what North Texas has to offer- there is no time like the present.

There are plenty of opportunities to take your snow covered selves down to North Texas and find a home to live comfortably, snow shovel free..(OK OK- we get snow once, maybe twice, an inch or two- anything more is an ANOMALY- and here is the best part- the whole world SHUTS DOWN here!!!  So don’t sweat it- just enjoy it when it comes and then realize- it may be 70 again in 2-3 days!!)

Check out some great offerings, ALL on at least 1 Acre and over 1850sq ft of living space, 3BR, 2 bath at the very least and under $265K in Dallas, Rockwall and Kaufman County– See something you like- give me a call, let me help you find your getaway and don’t forget to ask me about how you get 20% of my commission back in YOUR pocket at closing!

Now forget about the snow- it is FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!!  Get back to relaxing!