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What is it about a Kitchen that makes us want to buy a house?KITCHEN  Is it the bones of the room? or the color of the walls? the backsplash? or the window over the sink? or is it more?

While working with people from all over the one theme that holds true is the kitchen is a main focal point of the buyer process.  My buyers go in, count cupboards and drawers, open and shut the same and move from stove to fridge and dishwasher.  And I encourage it…they need to ‘feel’ the flow!!  It has actually happened that a house was perfect- except for kitchen flow- and the couple had to pass on it. Could they change it ..once it was theirs?  Of course they could!!  But this is not what buyers want.

Buyers want a move in ready kitchen.  A bedroom- they can paint and recarpet or put down hardwoods.  A bathroom they can repaint, retile, resurface..redo, no sweat.  A living area can be rearranged and a TV outlet can be moved..you can hang your flat screen in a totally different place than the previous owners..no problem.  But a kitchen- a kitchen- it is the heart of the home..and people want the heart beating strong and loud when they make an offer.

So sellers, listen up…if you are on a budget and preparing to list your home, if you can do one room..and one room only…LASER FOCUS on the kitchen and you will do all right.  I’m not asking you to tear down and rehab the kitchen, but to KNOW what you are working with and accent the positive, update the less than stellar, and scrub and clean that place like never before.  Update drawer pulls and knobs, if you can- this simple and affordable task can refresh even the most tired of kitchens.  Wall paint is always a good idea..and with all the new tile/glass tile back splash options- if you are even slightly handy you can probably give your tired ‘ol kitchen some POP!!Kitchen with POP

It really DOES make a difference…when I show your home and a similar home ..right around the corner..the home with POP (in this case the pendant light above the sink!) is the home we remember..and if my buyers dont make an offer today..as a realtor, it is a home I will WANT to show again!  It makes me look good!!!