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It’s Moving Monday in North Texas and it is time again to discuss Downsizing and steps to get the process going, before you sell your current home or find the perfect home to downsize into!

Last week we discusses the Theory of Give, Keep, Toss.  How did it go?  Did you manage to Toss more than Keep?  What about Toss+ Give? Did the total outweight Keep?  If so, we are on the right track.  If not- don’t worry..for now, but as the goal is to downsize we may need to revisit steps 1-5 in a few weeks, perhaps you are still too close to the subject matter at this time.

So now onto steps 6-10!!  OK, so we have some breathing room..now it is time to step it up a notch.

6).  Attics/Garages..off site storage??  Let us first ask- do you have off site storage? When was the last time you visited the storage? When was the last time you looked through the items in storage?  Do you even know what is in storage?  Why are you holding onto it?    Attics/Garages- similar questions.  The garage is usually the domain of one person over another- and that is ok.  However, THAT person needs to take ownership of the problem and go out to the garage and do a painful self assessment- how many lawnmowers, saws, sets of tools, etc do you actually need?  Did you maybe buy that 3rd saw, because the organization was lacking and you could not find either of the two you already owned at the time you needed one?  So can’t we let it go…Keep, Toss, Give!!!  Here is the goal:  EMPTY!

7).  Gifts..and school papers, trinkets and misc other items..As a young family grows it is often the case that the years are passing by so quickly we grab onto anything that could potentially STOP time.  This often takes the form of hording (YES, I said it!) school papers, school projects, school pictures, sports uniforms, sports trophies, etc etc.  If the winners of these trophies are now collecting (hording) trophies for their own children- the time has come..and passed…to let yours go.

8). Furniture..With clients I have noticed two general trains of thoughts on furniture- there is either the lets sell off or give away pieces we will not need or will not fit at our new, downsized, home.  OR, there is the lets give it all away/ or massive garage sale  for everything..and buy new for the new location.  It seems that this decision rests with the personalities involved.  Look over what you have- look at the space it takes up now, discuss your future space plans and start to trim..in your mind or on paper, those items you would feel comfortable letting go of tomorrow.  Then do it!

9).  KNOW a young couple starting out?  KNOW a young college student getting first apartment?  Ask around, many will be more than happy to take a some pots and pans, furniture, decorating items, dishes, glasses etc off your hands!  If you are feeling generous- just give it away- pay it forward and make someone’s day- the KARMA is good for everyone.

10).  and finally- PACE YOURSELF.  Start slow- keep moving forward, do a bit each day, and set a goal date to complete by- do not let it drag on indefintely.  2-3 weeks should be ample time (allowing for 2 hardcore sorting weekends) to get a cluttered, lived in, lifetime of memories 3BR/2Bath/2 Car garage home of modest size cleaned and sorted and ready to downsize.  Let Avery Realty Group/Avery Properties help you take the next step!

Good Luck!  Don’t forget Give, Keep, toss!