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Here we are the first month down for 2012.  How are you doing with the New Years Resolutions?Falling off the wagon does NOT mean giving up!!

Whatever your resolution for 2012 was..Now is as good a time as any to perhaps fine tune that resolution and get back into the groove.

Any task or goal can be accomplished by putting it into manageable smaller tasks.  As you accomplish each of these tasks you move closer to your goal ..without even realizing it!!  YOU achieve all that you wanted.

This applies to home buying and selling as well.  Today let’s talk about home buying.  As a potential buyer you will most likely begin with an internet search.  Picture, Pictures, Pictures..this is a great way to get an idea of houses in a specific area, and flow of rooms as well as styles of kitchen and living areas.  Using Avery Realty Group/Avery Properties search online is a great way to see what is out there by city, by school district, by neighborhood..or one of many other ways to generate a search!

This is a great way to regain FOCUS.  If your search has beenm going in many different directions.  Stop, pull back, work with your Realtor to FOCUS on what you want and be specific to your timeline and budget.  It is our job to get you the best possible price on the home you want, but telling us to search for nothing more than $350K when your able to go to $400K is not doing yourself any favors.  A buyers agent is on your side- they are the person you need to put your cards on the table with so they can find that needle in the haystack.  The same holds true in reverse- Looking at $400K homes when you know your top budget is $350K and HOPING you can negotiate a deal (for $50K reduction in List Price) is ‘probably’ wasting your time and will definitely lead to high levels of frustration.

So as January comes to a close- refocus on what you are wanting and work with your buyers agent to achieve that goal.