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Here we are at Make it Fun Friday again…ah yes- the predictability of the week is simply amazing!  This week is even more fun than your usual Friday- because it is SuperBowl Weekend!!!  What plans do you have for the weekend?  Is it a full weekend celebration in your house? A full Sunday affair? or do you manage to keep it to 3pm-midnight Sunday???

Whatever your plans are the best part is being a part of something larger than the ordinary. Sharing in the hype that IS the Superbowl is a big part of what makes the weekend special.  Now sadly, for all the Patriot fans out there- the weekend will not end well, as the GIANTS- I’ve been told- are going to STOMP all over the Patriots!  I am hearing some pretty wild predictions, but as point spreads are not my thing- I will leave it to y’all to fight it out!

As I enjoy getting together with family and friends and sharing in food and fun on Sunday I can’t help but think of all the mom’s and dad’s that spent a lifetime working alongside their child to get to this point.  Oh sure- you see them as PROFESSIONAL BALL PLAYERS- but I’ve done Age 5/6 Football practice- and I have seen moms and dads that have sacrificed!!!

Football Starts Youn gin Texas  It starts at age 5/6 here in Texas- and we are at practice in the heat of the setting August sun(which by the way does not set until after 830pm!)..for 3 hours practices 5 days a week and scrimmages 1 day a week- until the games start.  Parents run the chains and the concessions, they are out there taking tickets at the gate and doing clean up detail- all while rooting for their favorite teams!!

For the lucky few whose children go on to excel in  Upper Elementary School years, High School years, College years and then the NFL years- and onto the Superbowl….For those children and those parents there is an incredible bond- so when you see a player saying I Love you MOM! or Thanks Dad!  Just know those are heartfelt words that speak volumes!!