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Move it Mondays is going to focus today on Relocations.  Many times when an entire company is relocating they will have secured the services of specific realtors in the target area and along with that terms of service and expectations.  However, often this applies only to the upper levels of management Leaving the remaining workforce, that is scheduled to move to the new location, on their own to secure housing..in an unfamiliar market.

North Texas is a a vibrant relocation destination and there are plenty of companies willing to assist you in your relocation needs.  So why call on Avery Realty Group/Avery Properties?  The answer is simply because we are the little guy who realizes it should not cost you every penny you have to find and secure new housing..or sell current housing on one side of the metroplex to move to the other side.

Avery Realty Group harnesses the power of the Internet and social media to enhance the selling and buying experience…while keeping it all very personal.  With agents spread out across all of North Texas ..and a willingness to drive to meet you wherever you are in North Texas, Avery Realty Group and the 4% sellers/Cash Rebates to buyers programs are the perfect answer to your real estate search needs.

If you are considering a relocation to North Texas, or moving from one side of the metroplex to another and need assistance to Sell & Buy…AND are not currently working with another realtor, then call us today and put a game plan together to begin your search right away!  We look forward to working with you at this exciting time.