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Talk about it Tuesdays is here and today I was all set to talk about STAGING your home.  Thanks to HGTV and TLC television there are lots of shows on today that show you how smart buyers, for some time, have been using the art of staging to get top dollar in the quickest time frame.  This is great!  So now everyone wants to stage, right?  Well no- there is often resistance to staging.

So imagine my surprise to awake this morning and see one of my Realtor trade websites had an article titled “10 REASONS NOT TO STAGE YOUR HOME” written by Janet Jones of Kihei, Maui, Hawaii- and what is her job title you ask- Home Staging and Interior Design!!!  Oh no, I thought- I have to read this article- what is she thinking!

The general gist of the article is this- sure there are 10-20-100 reasons NOT to stage your home, and each one has a cost..a real monetary cost to you, the home seller.  Let’s look at it a different way- selling and buying a home is alot like a job interview.  The home is the interviewee and the buyer is the potential employer.  Would you- the interviewee show up to your FIRST job interview in your pajamas with your hair a mess, your teeth unbrushed and just all over the place.  Well, I guess you could- but you probably won’t get the job and you will be memorable for all the WRONG reasons.  People WILL talk about you- for all the wrong reasons.

You have an opportunity, when listing your home, to make the absolute best impression possible- so do it!!! At Avery Realty Group/Avery Properties we want people to talk about your home for all the RIGHT reasons.  When they are using the power of the internet to find their next home the photos of your home, our listing, have to stand head and shoulders above the rest!!

We have talked about decluttering on this blog before- do it BEFORE you decide to sell and it will be alot less work.  Finish your honey do list- if you can’t do a task- you are stuck? -or you just do not have enough hours in the day?- then hire it out.  Paying a few hundred now will feel alot better than taking a few thousand off your selling price later when a buyer puts in an offer and part of the negotiating tools are ‘the state of disrepair’ your home is in!!!

So what does Janet suggest- and what do I agree with in the article??  ALL of it!!  Here in North Texas, unless you are living on a 1acre lot in semi-country surroundings, chances are good your home is VERY similar to the home down the street in your area.  With that said- you need to work extra hard to make it show well!

You CAN sell an unstaged home:

  • after extended time on the market
  • at a lower price
  • with significant haggling about price
  • and with many many contracts falling apart during the negotiation because 1). they do not see value and 2). you are insulted by the low ball offer on the home you love.

DO NOT do this to yourself:

  • Declutter
  • Shampoo
  • Scrub
  • Repair
  • Restore
  • and Review Weekly!

In partnership with your Realtor at Avery Realty Group/Avery Properties and either your know how or that of a professional stager you CAN be the STAR interviewee that EVERYONE is talking about!!

Thank you Janet of Just Your Style Interiors LLC for reminding us of what is important!