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Here in North Texas there is great opportunity to put Jenah’s wisdom to work. If you are considering future planning, and want to explore this option- Real Estate-Rental income, give me a call- we can run the numbers and discuss your personal goals and see how this may work for you. Remember Real Estate is, as Jenah writes, a long term investment. It is also, as we learned through recent years, one with risk. So you must work closely with your Realtor and Finance people to be sure it is ‘tolerable’ risk that will derive the best ROI for you- when you need it!

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So I am borrowing this concept form a friend and colleague of mine Brian from “We Buy Ugly Homes” but it is brilliant!!

So would if you could retire, early with a $10,000/month salary that will not only be consistent but will go up with the rate of inflation and will be tied to an asset??? Investing in Real Estate is the answer!! Right now you can buy a house for well under $100,000 which is about $500-$600 a month mortgage if you finance the whole thing. Well that same house rents for about $800-$1000 which gives you immediate positive cash flow of $200-300 dollars a month on day one.  Well would if you get it paid off? That whole rent is now monthly income in your pocket??? Well if you can buy 10 homes in 10 years and pay them off that is $10,000/month minimum!! What stock is going to…

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