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Daytona 500 and Rain- simply do not mix!!!  As I sit here with a group of very disappointed Race Fans I am looking through the foreclosures in the area and I keep seeing a repeating trend- -AS-IS- and -Mortgage-.  Again two things that often do not mix!!

When a buyer comes to me all excited about a ‘great opportunity’ in the area, i.e. a $150K neighborhood with a home showing at $50K, $60K +/- Red Flags are going up at every turn.  Then I pull the listing and I see the dreaded words- AS-IS-.

What does -AS IS- mean to you, the buyer?  Does it mean it is in rough shape and needs some sprucing up? Maybe.  Does it mean the doors are missing and the lawn has not been touched in some 9 months as it has sat vacant and perhaps kids have painted grafitti on the interior walls as they have used it to shelter from the elements to hang out? Maybe.  Does it mean that despite all appearances- there is a massive crack down the center of the foundation and the home is not something a Mortgage Lender would even consider writing a mortgage on. Maybe.

AS IS- can mean any or all of the above- and more!!!  Be prepared for anything when you take a look at something labeled AS IS.  And know that you are looking at a blank slate- something you will have to put more into than a broom and paint can fix.  If buying a home to you is walking through staged properties in your Sunday best and thinking of where you will place your furniture or why this or that wallpaper will not work for you- then AS IS may not be for you.

IF however- you see house hunting as an adventure and you want to dive in, get to work, and have the knowledge to truly know when to hire out and who to hire out to for the bigger than YOU tasks- then come on- let’s go shopping!!!  Now THIS is an adventure!!!