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Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest- What have you done to my life????  If you have not yet discovered PINTEREST- don’t do it!!!  Okay, perhaps that is not the message the company wants to put out there, but it had to be said.

How can Click and Pin and Like- take up so much of my day, my sleep hours and my dreams??  ORRRRRR is this actually a good thing!?

I am going to go with the ‘It’s a Good Thing” title- (YES I am a Glass Half Full – and there are refills on the way- type of person)  But here is my argument for why Pinterest is a good- if not GREAT thing!!

Pinterest has given adults back something that many thought was forever LOST- the ability to dream- the ability to visualize those dreams.  And I will take it one step further- Pinterest is going to lead us out of the economic mess we are currently in by showing us that there is more out there than what is presented at your local Big Box retailer, you don’t have to settle for the mediocre and if you have dreams- then you can work to achieve those dreams and have it all- whatever YOUR personal definition of ALL is!!

Pinterest takes you out of the daily blah blah blah of mainstream media and lets you escape into a different reality- and that is the KEY- it is not fiction, it is not make believe- it is real.  You can plan vacations to places you never knew existed based on first hand recommendations.  You can shop for crafty crafts that you ‘just fell in love with’ and have never seen before.  You can find things for the home that the local big box has never had in the store and probably never will have in the store, but YOU know that if you came home from a hard day at work everyday and saw that PAINTING or THAT CARPET or THAT DRESSER in your home- it would make you smile!!! And more importantly you can connect with people who share your interests and explore those that share different interests- and face it- we are social creatures and if Facebook and Twitter have any lessons for future generations it is that People need People- technology is best when it enhances this relationship, rather than taking away from it!  (so connect with me on Pinterest dawnmcnary)

Yes- Pinterest IS A GOOD THING!