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Flu shot- why is it important to discuss in March?  because I never got around to getting it this year and come on it is March- I’m in the clear, right?  Wrong!

Apparently the Flu does not follow calendars and has decided to make its presence known- boy ain’t that fun!  As I am a numbers crunching type of person and every decision in life is done after scratching the numbers out and running a pros/cons list there can only be one decision- skipping the flu shot was a foolish decision.

Simple math is SHOT- copay $25.00- TOTAL OUT OF POCKET $25.00 TOTAL TIME- Minutes- oh let’s round up to -10-!

No SHOT- Dr visit copay $25.00, Tamiflu copay $60.00 Days out of work $$KAching$$Kaching $$Kaching- I don’t make money if I dont work! Money spent ordering out for meals- cause despite what you may think even when the cook of the house is ill- the rest of the family wants to eat- sooooo Pizza, Chinese and McDonalds have been the food choices of the week!  TOTAL OUT OF POCKET $100’s with an (S)  TOTAL TIME- at least a week….

So not worth it!!!  Next time Fall rolls around I will reTWEET, rePOST,reFACEBOOK this reminder- and for those of you who, like me, are list decision makers- just run the numbers, make the list- there is no other conclusion reachable!!!

Now- onto my nap….(grrrrrrrrr!)