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Do you have 1-2 million and a hankering for some privacy? Then check out the islands..oh I don’t mean just to get away for the weekend..I mean to getaway whenever you want…

Always looking for that something special getaway I stumbled upon this site of Private Islands.  Simply amazing.  Some to buy, some to rent, and all to enjoy as your own little piece of paradise!

So check them out -and of course if you have that 1-2 million, (or more), to spend – then make an offer- tell them Dawn sent you–and Hey…can I come down and stay..just for a weekend!!  😉

Happy Island Shopping!!!

oh..and if you just clicked on the link because you were curious- and you are really looking for homes to buy, sell or rent in the Dallas area- then give me a call/text me at Avery Realty Group– 214-604-4561 we can talk about the islands the whole time we are finding YOU the perfect place to call home!!