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On April3, 2012 Life in Forney, Tx..just East of Dallas..was forever impacted by the arrival of an EF3 tornado at about 3:33pm that afternoon.  Many people in the community were directly and indirectly affected by this tornado.  One of the hardest hit areas is th Diamond Creek area off of Ridgecrest and 548.

The minute the skies cleared Forney- being the community that it is- came to life and jumped into action.  By the Grace of God no lives were lost that day, although there were some injuries.  Once this was determined it was then time to rally the community and begin the cleanup process that these people would need to get a part of our Forney Family back on its feet.  Churches, individuals, businesses all stepped up and the response has been incredible.

With every disaster of this magnitude, however, the need is always far greater than the initial response.  With that in mind a centralized website has been created using the resources of recovers.org to make donations and follow up much easier and allow the optimum coordination of all fo the above.

Please reach out to family, friends, business associates, or just fellow people here in North Texas and help them get through the next day, the next week, the next year….although a tornado’s sheer power and force move with incredible speed- the recovery, while trying to go about daily aspects of life- such as job, school, sports..etc..is often much slower.

The Forney Community has stepped up in this time of need and need everyone’s help to see it through to completion.  Follow the progress and donate now at

 Forney Recovers.org