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Home Inspection- in the Real Estate transaction there is something most everyone has hear dof and that is the HOME INSPECTION.  Over time it has been noted that all though many know about Home Inspections in Real Estate- the actual inspection and what it is going to reveal remains a relative mystery.

Let us start with the items you are not going to see inspected in your home inspection report in Texas:

  • Gases in the home- such as Radon or Formadehyde
  • Wood Destroying Organisms – the dreaded termite, carpenter ants and such
  • Lead
  • Rodents- anything from rats and mice to gophers and yes the occassional possum or two.

With that said- you can get inspection of the above- but it would require hiring an additional ‘licensed’ professional in the area of concern.  (and there are times that calling on one of these professionals is a good decision)

What the Home Inspection will check out can be divided among a few categories

  • General Home
  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Roof & Attic
  • Plumbing
  • Systems
  • Electrical
  • Appliance
  • Garage (if applicable)

The Report will then go into Items needing service-

  • Septic
  • A/C or Heating units
  • Swimming Pools & Pool/Sauna Pumps
  • Garage Door openers
  • other functional items in the home

Finally the report will wrap up with items in serious need of repair.

This can be anything from needing a new roof (simple call to insurance) to house in need of total foundation repair (call to a licensed engineer to determine scope and cost)

In the end the issue is the same- you are purchasing a ‘pre-owned’ home.  a home that has been lived in, was built at a different time, may have been built according to different codes than those in effect at the time of inspection.

Does this mean that EVERYTHING on the inspector’s list must be dealt with in order to complete the purchase- HECK NO!!

What it means is that you need to discuss the items of concern with your realtor and know your abilities…Items that are potential deal breakers to a first time home buyer- are nothing to the next guy who is on home number 4 and has dealt with all these issues before and has a great network of people and/or skills to repair the items that all make up the experience referred to as HOME OWNERSHIP!!

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