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Is my LOWBALL offer going to ‘tick off’ the sellers?  and does it matter?

Looking at homes is the fun part!  Making an offer on the one you want, that is a little trickier.  Especially when you know you want the home!  In business most people recognize that excitement in a purchase- be it cars or homes- can increase the cost by many multipliers.  So how do you find that magic number?  What is a magic number?  In a buyers market can you ‘always’ present a low ball offer?  Will a Low Ball offer make the sellers mad?

Whoa– hold on- hold on- one step at a time! 

That is what I tell my buyers when we starts out on our home searches.  The absolute number one step in making an offer is KNOWING your own numbers.  Before you even get out and look at homes and think about making those offers you have to sit down with a lender and know what your situation is at this time, in this market.

Let me repeat this- YOU have to sit down with YOUR lender and know what YOUR situation is at THIS time in THIS market.

Only when this step is completed and you are fully vetted by your lender can you make a solid business decision on a home.  And if a Low Ball offer is a Solid Business Decision- then does it really matter if it ‘ticks off the buyer’?  Of course not!!!!  Would you really pay MORE THAN IT IS WORTH- to ‘appease’ someones feelings???

Here is how to keep the business in the home buying experience:

1.  Sit down with YOUR lender and get your numbers in order

2. Work with yoru realtor on location and home styles you prefer- pictures pictures and more pictures of homes can help with this process.  Establish a list of WANTS vs. NEEDS

3. Put together a list of a few you find that are right in style, location and price for YOUR needs&wants and go see them

4. Give your Realtor HONEST and STRAIGHTFORWARD feedback- hearing ‘oh it’s nice- does not help!!!  Find your negotiable items and your non-negotiable items- speak to those and grow your list of WANTS vs NEEDS.

5. IF you were lucky enough to find a great fit first day out- get all the details – Seller’s Disclosure, any info on HOAs or DEED Restrictions or other, Comps- Then work to make the most logical business offer for the property.

6. If the sellers counter- then repeat step 5 and make a business decision.

If SPRINGTIME and the fresh air, as well as the low interest rates and great deals in the Real Estate market, have made you want to come out of your cocoon and find that perfect home then give me a call- Avery Realty Group in Forney TX is here to meet your needs.  We have a very direct, customer focused approach- give us a call today 214-604-4561