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Are you getting the whole picture when you look at the homes available online?  Photos are great, they certainly can show you if you like the general feel of a home and the style of the outside.  These are things that are not easily changeable, so if they are not appealing you can make the decision to pass on a home very quickly.

However, are you getting the whole picture when you get so wrapped up in the gorgeous photos that you miss some of the items that make other buyers pause?

Great home, fantastic location, great pictures online…in our price range.  Sounds Great- pause..did you notice the HOA fees for that area?  Oh you did.  Did you notice that area has TWO, yes -2-, mandatory HOAs? ahhh- pause.

Great home, fantastic location, great pictures online..in our price range. Sounds Great- pause…did you notice that the back yard backs right up to an Elementary school?  Was that mentioned? Did you visit the home on a Saturday, when that may not be an issue- or at 1p-3p on a weekday- during recess time? ahhh- pause.

As we have all heard the devil is in the details- so next time you are browsing online and it looks too good to be true- yet it has been on the market for some 100-200-300 days..take a closer look…there may be a erason to pause before you get too excited!

Happy House Hunting in North Texas.  If you need a Realtor to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region-

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