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yesterday we discussed the I want to buy NOW so where are all the homes issue as it relates to the buyer.

So today- let’s focus on YOU the SELLER!  Wait- let me rephrase- YOU the Have Not Yet Decided to LIST MY HOME seller.  There that’s better.

Are you sitting back, waiting for the recovery in housing that is ‘right around the corner’?  Are you wanting to get for your home what it ‘could of’ gotten some 4-5 years back?  Do you want to move on to a different home, location, or lifestyle and the only thing holding you back is the dang home?

DID YOU READ YESTERDAY’s POST???????  Go back and read it- specifically the part about buyers are abundant and homes are not!!!  That my friends is the basic law of supply and demand.

There are buyers out there everyday- they want to find the perfect home- and let me tell you something- the only way you will surely NOT GET WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR HOME- is to NOT LIST IT!

Think about it- yes the market has gone through incredible changes.  Yes you may not get out of it what you want or wanted, but you also are priveleged enough to have not lost your home in all this mess.  It is still YOURS to decide what to do with- sell, keep, rent it out.  You have the power.  So use it and make a business decision you can live with now and down the road.  If that means selling at a break even point then do it- and go where you want to be.  If that means turning this property into a rental for a year or two and waiting out the market- and going where you want to be- then do it!  And if it means staying put and watching and waiting- then do that.

But I have to throw it out there – just one more time- supply and demand!!!  It is happening right now- and for those sellers who are on the market they are often looking at an Offer and 2-3 back up offers at a time….wouldn’t you like to be in THAT position, rather than the one of should I or shouldn’t I????

Happy House Hunting in North Texas. If you need a Realtor to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region- Give Dawn a call/text 214-604-4561 at Avery Properties/Avery Realty Group- where Sellers Enjoy 4% Listings and Buyers Enjoy Cash Back!! (ask me how…..)