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Foreclosures in Forney are often searched and often sought after, but are they often the purchase of choice?  NO!

To purchase a Foreclosure is a process, and not a process many people want to work with- no matter the seemingly good deal.  The negotiation is different than traditional home purchases.  The time from offer to acceptance can be unbelievable (although recent efforts/laws are trying to make it more reasonable).  The time from contract to close can be forever delayed, postponed and in the end- unpredictable!

These are features of a Foreclosure purchase that you don’t hear mentioned when people talk about the ‘great deal’ they got on this or that Foreclosure purchase.

So here is the bottom line folks- Time is Money!  If you have time to invest in the searching, evaluating and assessing of foreclosed properties and you have the additional time to do the ‘required’ forms and paperwork and hoop jumping necessary to get to a contract …AND you have the time to sit and wait on a final closing- then HAVE AT IT!  If you have the right expectations and the time you spend and the money you save is worth it then it is a win win win- Foreclosure purchase makes sense to you and for you!

If, however, your idea of home purchase falls more along the traditional lines and you want to negotiate and do the back and forth dance to contract and then close within 21-30 days and be moved in soon after.  Please, please, please do not consider foreclosed properties.  You will be highly frustrated, you will soon get angry- at the process, at the bank, potentially at your Realtor, and at anyone loosely associated with your purchase.  Traditional home sales are a good deal in today’s market..MOVE IN READY is a good thing!!!  and negotiating with a real live human being who has motivation to sell is so much better than negotiating with a banker, possibly in some distant city, whose only motivation is to clear the books and clear a profit at all costs.

Move in ready looks like this…HAND SCRAPED FLOORS and STONE FIREPLACEand relaxing can be as easy as 30 day close and jump in the pool, bring the family and friends, plenty of room for everyone on this oversized lot!  INGROUND PO

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