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Recycling does make a difference.

It was not long after we started recycling that I noticed we really no longer needed a second garbage can.  We rarely use it.  In point of fact, the little square plastic tubs they give us to put our recyclables into should be the size of the trash can and vice versa.

Each week as recycle day comes around I see the same thing- a recycle bin overflowing and an almost empty trash can.  I am not complaining, but I am often wondering does it really make a difference.  So when I received the update from Rick Fogarty of the Valley Ranch Association I was pleased to see the following:

As a result of paper recycling alone  34.34 trees have been saved, as one ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees.

In terms of energy that is a savings of 8282 Kwh of energy, as one ton of recycled paper saves 4100 kilowatt hours of energy.

Full savings can be seen here.

Now that is paper alone, imagine how much of a difference you are making with your glass, cans, and plastics.  If you are already recycling in your family- great!  If not, please get on board- it really does make a difference.  And if your community does not have recycling services- find out who you need to get to and send them information to show how this is a win-win-win for everyone now and more importantly in the future!

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