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Netflix- the modern marvel of watching movies and TV on demand is an incredible addition to the Summer Vacation Entertainment schedule.  However, with the creation of Netflix one thing has become crystal clear- my memory of certain shows- is tainted by nostalgia!

Watching 1970’s sitcoms or comedies is a trip down memory lane for sure- I remember the skits, I remember the lines..what I do not remember is the ‘special’ (or not so special) effects.  Remember- SNL- of John Belushi and Chevy Chase era?  Star Trek is cancelled skit….OK still hysterical (this was SNL’s heyday after all!) but flying cars on ‘actual visible string’???   Why did we not notice that back in the day?

Now- wonder what our kids will say about the shoddy not so special effects of one of our Special effects marvels- The Matrix????