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Amazing Amazing Amazing!  Staying up last night until the wee hours of the morning- to watch, via Xbox, the anticipation, the planning, the checks and balances and then the success and the raw emotion of the people at JPL was Amazing!

Sharing this event with my kids was an incredible experience and one I hope they will never forget.  They were impressed by all the work the robot was being sent to do and all the work that went into making the robot work, but they were even more impressed to see how emotionally tied to the project these men and women in that room were.  They really put heart and soul into it and it showed- we were clapping in our living room!!!

So thank you Mars Curiosity, thank you JPL and thank you to all the other people that may not have been on the screen last night but played a role in making this all possible!!


..and bonus for the night was learning about the Eyes on the Solar System website!