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Why are you in an apartment community in Mesquite or Balch Springs when you can own a home in Forney for the same or less than you are paying in rent- and take advantage of all that home ownership has to offer?

Welcome Home

Looking at apartment rents of 1361sqft apartments 3/2 for $1240/month makes me wonder why you would not look into home ownership at a time when prices are at lowest and interest rates- the same.  This does not happen often.  Knowing how to get into Real Estate at the best possible time, based on the information available at the time, is something that is part knowledge and part guts!  So do you have the guts to learn the numbers and know if this is the right move for your family?  Bet ya’ do!

Coming home to your own front door- your own driveway- your own attached two car garage, or more, should be enough to make you want to run to home ownership, but if it is not enough let me throw some numbers at you to consider.

If you are paying $1240/month on your apartment then at the end of the year you have paid $14,880 and it is still an apartment– nothing more nothing less- and it is not yours. If, however, you take advantage of today’s opportunity- great prices and low interest rates- then you find a comfortable 3/2 home..  with a kitchen to call your own and a backyard to spread out and live life in…you can spend around*$498 on your principal and interest and then maybe a few hundred more on taxes and insurance- for a grand total of around $930/mo. for a 12 month total of $11,160 of which a portion may be deductible on your taxes(talk to your tax preparer to know for sure) and more importantly it is YOUR home- you can paint- hang pictures- change the carpeting all on your terms!!!!

You can keep your car in a garage, keep your kid’s bikes in there too- you can ride to the park and if your community has a pool you can share in that as well-

So I ask again- why are you renting in Mesquite or Balch Springs when you can own a 3/2 or better in Forney for same or less than you are paying in rent!!??? Don’t think you can’t do it because of credit issues- FIND OUT for sure!!!  Let a professional run the numbers and help you know what you can do today- and if not today, what you need to do to make it happen by a specific date…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!

Happy House Hunting in North Texas. If you need a REALTOR® to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region- Give Dawn a call/text 214-604-4561 at Avery Properties/Avery Realty Group- where Sellers Enjoy 4% Listings and Buyers Enjoy Cash Back!! (ask me how…..)

*amount can vary based on personal circumstances it is best to check with your mortgage professional to get exact figures for your personal situation.  If you need referrals to a mortgage professional in the area please give me a call!!

Something like this could be yours!—-