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CutAndJacked.com Interview: Victoria Adelus | Cut and Jacked.

Accomplishing what we want in life starts with one small step- setting goals!  The next step is always harder- executing the steps necessary to accomplish our goals!  Fitness is no different- no matter if you have worked out your entire life or are a recent convert after years of being a couch potato..the rules are the same- To accomplish all you want to do you need to Set Goals, Map out your plan of attack and Execute the steps necessary to achieve the goals YOU want for YOU!

Getting and staying fit takes oodles of time and dedication!  It also takes the realisation that setbacks will and do occur.  This Victoria Adelus interview is a great example of working around and through the setbacks life throws at you and remaining focused and determined.

As she says.. ‘Never underestimate yourself!’

Goals- Write them down..Share with a friend..and reward yourself- non-food rewards- each time you reach a new goal!!

YOU are in control of YOU!  So go for it!!

Have a great day in North Texas!  and Happy House Hunting!!

Remember- the Beautiful Butterfly- was once nothing more than a caterpillar….