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Leave the City behind....Looking at sales of homes- month over month and year over year- more and more analysts are coming out to say they are ‘optimistic’.  No adjectives to soften the word- just one word optimistic!

This may not seem like much to you- but it is huge!  Day to day in local housing markets we, as REALTORS®, see the change.  We see the multiple bid situations.  We see the Sellers refusing to budge on price.  We see buyers who are willing to pay a bit more than maybe 2 months ago.  We see buyers strengthening the offer to seller with no longer starting off by asking for closing costs and low ball offers.  The buying and selling experience has definitely improved on all ends of the equation.

Combine this news with inventory available for sale, which is right now at about a 5 month supply of homes, down over 25% YOY, with some price points being even lower- now is a great time to consider making your home available to buyers if you were interested in selling.  As a buyer the news means that when you find the home you are looking for you must make a solid offer the first time.  Be comfortable with the offer, be fair in the offer, and have all your homework done before you even step out to look at homes.

And this news is exactly what is moving the majority of analysts in housing from cautiously optimistic..to optimistic!

Happy House Hunting in North Texas. If you need a REALTOR® to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region- Give Dawn a call/text 214-604-4561 at Avery Properties/Avery Realty Group- where Sellers Enjoy 4% Listings and Buyers Enjoy Cash Back!! (ask me how…..)