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Are you saving for the downpayment on your home?  Are you also saving for the closing costs?  Should you be?

In the last few years the market in North Texas has been one where the homeowner was ‘grateful’ to have an offer on the home and if the buyer needed a bit of assistance with closing costs in order to make it all happen- then a seller was more than grateful to oblige.

In some price points and some areas- those days are, if not gone, then definitely fading fast!  Coming to the bargaining table ready to play ball means having your financial house in order and being able to cover your own down payment AND your own closing costs.

How do you make sure this happens?  The number one way to know you have it covered is to work with your lender/broker and ‘run the numbers’!  Yes it takes work and pre-planning- but in the end, when you find the ‘perfect’ home, the preplanning will be well worth it!  Your bid will outshine all others!  You will know if you can move forward or pull out of the bargaining!  You will be able to come to the table with only a request for partial closing costs or no closing cost assitance- and in the end this, this simple item, could be the difference between your offer being accepted and the seller moving onto another offer!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know YOU were prepared!

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