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Kitchen with POPCould you be turning potential buyers off on your home? Have you ever thought this question of yourself?  If so then now is the time to take inventory of what you are doing and how it is being perceived by potential buyers.

I will start with the number 1 turn off and that is SMELLS!  I know you like garlic, or fish, or cabbage- but when you have your home on the market you may have to amend your culinary delights for the short term. These odors linger!- YOU may not smell them, but your buyer does.  Here is a way to get a good test- leave.  Yes, that is right- leave the house- walk around the block- take in the evening air.  Now- walk up to your front door- smell it? already? Now open your front door- take a breath- do you smell it?  If YOU do then rest assured the potential buyers scheduled tomorrow at 10am will smell it too!

The second item is Pets.  Yes I know you love your pets- and potential buyers may also love them.  They are cute after all!  However, if they kick litter out of the box, or have  ‘accidents’ on occasion then they need to be dealt with during the listing/showing phase of life.  Think this over when you list your home.  What options do you have?  Outdoor kennel? Kennel hotel/vet? Doggie daycare near the office?  Remember this is a short term solution to allow you to move on, not a forever.

Finally- simple as it is I must mention it- Dirt, Dust and Debris!  Okay, maybe not debris- but surely clutter!  Here are 3 simple ideas:

1.  pack away off season clothing and thin out of the closet what you have not work in the last 12 months, as well as shoes that are occasional at best and accessories you LOVE, but honestly you do not use all that often and probably wont need in the foreseeable future!  This will open up the space in that GRAND MASTER CLOSET! (and that IS what a buyer wants to see!)

2. Get down on the floor and crawl around the house!  Okay- did I get your attention?  What I mean is simply pay attention to the dust- WAY up high and WAY down low- in the corners and in the kitchen.  Every lamp shade, light cover needs to be dealt with and cleaned.  Every burnt bulb replaced.  Every door jam dusted- yes there is often dust in the door jam area- go look- your potential buyers saw that.  Even though this is Halloween season- your home should not look like something out of Frankensteins Castle!!!

3. Declutter- from toys and games to books and knick knacks- it all should go- for the short term!  It is YOUR stuff- it is WHO YOU ARE!  As your listing agent I totally get that- we all enjoy being surrounded by the things we love in our home, however the day you decide to list your home you want to remember it is no longer your home- it is the home of your potential buyer and as such you need to leave room for them to imagine THEIR things on the shelves and walls as well as in the closets and garage!  Your items will be with you sooner rather than later at your NEW home, if you take this advice and make the listing as attractive as possible- by accentuating the space you have- rather than the things you love!

Happy House Hunting in North Texas. If you need a REALTOR® to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region- Give Dawn a call/text 214-604-4561 at Avery Properties/Avery Realty Group- where Sellers Enjoy 4% Listings and Buyers Enjoy Cash Back!! (ask me how…..)