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My house is now listed, it is for sale so Why should I do anything to it NOW?  If you have ever spent time looking at preowned homes you have to assume this is what the people who listed the home must of thought!  It is for sale- take it or leave it.  If that is your marketing plan and you are ok with the offers that come in, which I can assure you will be of the take it or leave it variety, then OK- we can do that.  We can list for your dollar amount and field offers from potential buyers that are significantly less than what you listed at and then haggle back and forth for days over a laundry list of repairs- all prior to even getting the inspector in there and putting together an even more detailed list of things that are falling apart..or so it may seem in the inspection report.

orrrrrrrrr, and I’m just throwing it out there..we could discuss WHY you should consider doing some ‘upkeep’, ‘honey do’, and/or minor repairs- PRIOR to listing to convey to potential buyers the closer to true value of your home.

Here are a few suggestions:

1.  I cannot say this one enough- Declutter- from closets, to playrooms, to the bar/pool area, to the garage.  This is a short term pack up and it really does make a better First Impression if a potential buyer’s First thought upon seeing your home is WOW so spacious RATHER than- WOW, I bet they are selling because they need more space!!! (which of course is followed, in their head, by the phrase…will I need more space too?)

2. Furniture- this one is a little more difficult to think through but it may serve a purpose in the big picture.  Consider removing a few pieces, based on your personal situation.  If you have a formal dining table- with the extra leaf in it- and ALL the chairs around it, perhaps you can remove the leaf and take away a few chairs to ‘open the space up’!  If you have decluttered and removed books/videos/ etc can you now also remove some bookcases or other decorative furniture that, again, may open the space?

3.  Toys and Video Game (and all the accessories) can be a challenge- think about maybe an inexpensive ottoman- STORAGE ottoman to put in the play area- where the homeowner can quickly and efficiently place these items when notified of a showing allowing themselves access with the APPEARANCE of decluttering!

4.  Drapery and Curtains- can be a plus or a minus.  Ideally you want to let the light into the home to show it off to your buyers, unless the window treatments play a specific role in the room they may be better off removed.  This simple task can open a room up quickly and also lighten it up!

5.  Painting- if you need to touch up door trim, window trim, base boards- do it now.  Make those sparkle.  If you have a room painted a ‘unique’ color or you tried a ‘technique’ and it did not work out so well- but you were good with it- Now may be the time to consider some neutral repaint for the area.  Use the color to bring in the light and make your buyers feel at home.

6.  Outdoors- the walkway up to the front door, the area around the front door and the backyard.  Look at them with a critical eye.  Dead leaves and beat up toys in any of these areas is probably a bad thing.  Gnats and Big flies swarming the front door- again bad.  Shrubs that need trimming and dead flowers in the flower pots- all a bad idea and ALLLLLL FIXABLE!  So get over to the local garden store and then get down to business- you do not have to invest a fortune, but a good afternoon of hardwork outside- trimming, raking, cleaning will all serve you well at the time of offer!

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