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Football Starts Youn gin TexasForney Texas is a town like many others throughout Texas where young boys start off playing football from age 4/5 or 6.  Football is a strong family tradition in Texas.  This is very evident by attendance at Friday Night Football games in Forney at City Bank Stadium.  However, Forney is also a growing community that is holding onto what it means to be a community.

Tonight begins a whole new tradition in Forney, TX.  This is the beginning of the Unity Bowl- Forney Jackrabbits vs. North Forney Falcons in 4A Football.  This week has been a week filled with community activities; from the Unity Parade last Saturday morning to the food drives taking place at every school in the district.  This week has been all about community!

Moving to Forney a few years back it was a smaller town with one high school and plans for growth, but it had not yet happened.  Over the years we have had new roads put in, made major changes to intersections in town (can you say HWY80/548 is FINALLY finished!  Thank goodness!), we have seen homes continued to be built and bought and sold (despite the economic issues of the country at large) and we have grown our school system.  As families have moved into Forney, amazingly enough they have brought with them children- young and old- and all of this population growth has been good for Forney.  This growth has allowed Forney to bring in more restaurants and retail stores to service all the needs of people.  The growth has also allowed this historically Jackrabbit town to grow into a 2 High School community made up of Jackrabbits and Falcons.

The keyword in that sentence is community.  Forney is a town growing, that is evident, yet it is a town that has held onto the notion of community.  So it is with great pride that we and many of our neighbors will be out there tonight- at City Bank Stadium- enjoying the crisp fall air and some 4A Football between The Forney HS Jackrabbits and the NFHS Falcons- aptly named The Unity Bowl!

Goooooooo Falcons!!!!   Gooooooooo Jackrabbits!!!!!  Should be a great game for everyone- and a chance to truly show what it means to be a community!!!