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As Hurricane Sandy sets its sights directly on the East Coast I am never more grateful for technology than at times like this!  Turning my beloved shoreline from the calm at left to what it will look like this afternoon, evening and into tomorrow makes me cringe.  With Webcams, traffic cams, NY Times Building cams and the great connections on Facebook- not to mention the old stand bys such as the National News and The Weather Channel- with all of these there is the ability to stay connected and keep up to date on what family and friends are facing.  There is not much we can do during the height of the storm, other than pray, yet letting them know we are praying and thinking of them all and having a way to communicate- other than by phone- makes the hardship- whatever it may be- seem just a little less. (or that is the hope anyway)

For everyone that still has a chance to evacuate- please do.  If that time has come and gone for your area then please be safe- please take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.  For everyone keeping track of loved ones- here is a Google Tool that may help.

Thinking of you all!

As I go to post this- I am hearing it has intensified to 943mb and 90mph…no es bueno!  Be safe!