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Planning a Garage Sale in the Fall can be a chance to take stock, sort out, clean up, and simply let go of those things you have been holding onto for no known reasons!  Going through your home on an annual or semi- annual basis allows you to take stock of where you are, where you have been and where you are heading versus where you want to go!

Sort- Stack- and SELL!  Those are the chants from garages and attics across the Dallas Area each and every weekend in fall!  That chair that you are oh so tired of- and it really doesn’t match anything in the house- come on- put it out front- put a price on it- be willing to haggle a bit on the price- and watch how that chair becomes the center piece of a young college students work space- or a first time home buyers grand plan for the living area- who knows- the possibilities are endless- as long as you do your part- Sort, Stack and SELL!!!

Have fun with your yard sale- get the children involved- let them pick out their own toys to put ‘on sale’ and make a table or box where everything is $0.05 or $0.10 per item.  You would be surprised how many young children come out with mom early on a Saturday morning with allowance money- just for the yard sale- they get to choose a purchase and pay for a purchase and truly be a part of the yard sale experience!  Why not make it fun for everyone.

Happy Fall Everyone!  Enjoy these beautiful Texas temps and get out there and Sort, Stack and Sell!!

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