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Did I hear that right?  Yes, That was my first thought as I was walking past the television blasting the words Museum and Free in the same sentence.  So off to Google I fled as quickly as possible and alas- there it was..in a wonderful article by Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times (hey would have loved to find an article here in Dallas- but Google pulls what Google pulls and Christopher Knight wins!)

Free and Open to all!!  Is there any better way to make sure that ART and the Appreciation of all that ART offers – is accessible to all?!

At a time when my children come home lamenting the end of the 6 weeks of Art class, (that is all they have now in the budget, and we are grateful for that as many schools have cut out Art all together), I have never been more excited to hear the news that with or without the school’s support ART can become a real entertainment option for families regardless of income!  With the appreciation of ART that grows out of the exposure and understanding of ART will come the donations and interest to keep moving forward.

The Museum’s Director, Maxwell Anderson, does seem to get the whole idea that Zig Ziglar often discussed  “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Thank you Dallas Museum of Art!