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SNOW NORTH TEXASThe President gave his first State of the Union Address of his second term last evening.  In any way did what he mapped out for this term change your plans on home ownership?  Did you cool off to the idea of buying in 2013 or selling in 2013?

Even before his speech last evening the news coming out of various sources was mixed on the housing front.  For months now housing has been the glimmer of hope, the faint thread to hold onto and say, yes things are turning around, confidence is gaining, and people are moving forward with home plans; be it buying or selling Americans were on the move.  Then in the last few days bits and pieces of news have trickled in to say well, are we sure?

The recent drop in mortgage applications  is the latest mood buster around the subject of housing in 2013.  In and of itself falling applications are not a predictor of doom and gloom, and no one should think the growth in housing is poised for a total halt, but IF it becomes a trend then the discussion would be forced to shift gears.

As applications were falling mortgage rates were quietly sneaking up.  There is little to cry about when the UP in rates is still under 4%- which some years ago the general public would of been refinancing in droves to ‘take advantage’ of such historically wonderful rates.

So let’s face it- in housing as in life- perspective is everything.  So whether the current administration and climate has brought about the big chill in your plans to buy or sell a property keep in mind it just takes a spark to change everything and warm up to your next Real Estate Transaction.

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