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STORM CLOUDS NORTH TEXASShould you be out looking at homes?  Seems like a simple enough question.  I bet most of you would shrug and say- sure why not.  You want a new home.  You may even have a current home to sell.  So hey, let’s get out there, see what is available and look at some houses.

In today’s market,  going about your home search in this manner could be like the picture above- sunny and beautiful with ever growing storm clouds on the horizon!  If you have not bought a house in the past 8 months you can safely assume that the process has changed.  One of the biggest steps in the process with the most significant changes- and more yet to come in 2014- is the lending piece of the equation.

So if you have the money saved to be a cash buyer- and by cash I do mean 100% paid at closig with your own funds- then STOP READING NOW! CALL ME and let’s get you a house to buy TODAY!!!

Now for the remainder of you who are still reading I can assume you will be financing some portion of this home purchase.  All of you will fall into different categories from 100% financing to 80% financing, for the most part.  The criteria for getting a loan done in today’s climate takes a few things: 1. Paperwork, otherwise referred to as documentation- and lots of it 2. Understanding of the process and the potential pitfalls, road blocks, paths to delays and potential unavoidable setbacks- this is where a good- albeit GREAT broker comes into play and finally 3. Patience and Thick Skin- you will want to scream, you may want to cry, you will -at some point in the process- want to just say ENOUGH- let’s just pitch a tent and forget about the whole idea- this is where you have to know YOU and take a break, step back, and BREATHE.

DollarsIt cannot be stressed enough that the number one item you need to address before even stepping foot in a physical house is to get your financial house in order.  By ‘in order’ I mean get yourself qualified and approved- know exactly what money, under what terms you have to play and then go get yourself a property!

YES I know the pictures on the Internet and the FOR SALE signs in your desired neighborhood, coupled with your curiosity, are incredibly powerful and capable of pulling you to look before you are qualified to look.  However, if you go the route suggested above you will then FIND THE HOME that meets your needs and your wallet and THAT my friends is peace of mind and will bring a smile to your face!!

Happy House Hunting in North Texas. If you need a REALTOR® to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region- Give Dawn a call/text 214-604-4561 at Avery Properties/Avery Realty Group-