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I say DRONE..you say..Sell My House!!  Ok what could a drone possibly have to do with putting your home on the market?  Nothing..yet!

As I was paging through different Real Estate news stories I came across this little tidbit about President Obama signing into law something called the Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act.  According to the Realtor Magazine online article what this act means to you and me in the course of selling your home is that not quite yet, but as soon as Sept 2015, the FAA will need to allow for the safe integration of drone use for a variety of commercial purposes.  So with that in mind it does appear that the ‘legal’ use of drones for commercial purposes, in Real Estate that would mean such things as aerial photography, could be a real probability!!!

( I do enjoy that the article makes mention to any over zealous REALTORS®, and yes Type A does exist in the profession, to not use drones until the FAA clarifies ‘allowable use’ and can safely integrate them into our airspace!)  YA THINK!!!

For the Lesley Walker’s full article as published on REALTORMag- please check out “What’s That Flying Over Your Listing?” February 2013.