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You sold your home!  Congrats!  As the excitement fades you realize- oh, that means it is time to move!  Moving Boxes 2013

So where to begin If you are so inclined you can pick up the phone- call the moving company and get them out for an estimate.  They take a quick walk through your home checking out number of rooms, large or oversized furniture, specialty items, garage items and give you a quote to come in and pack it- load it- move it- unload it (and/or store it for short period of time).  Without a doubt there are pros and cons to doing the move this way.  Only you know what is right for you.

The next options is a mix of the two- you can do a PBO (Packed By Owner) move- you pack it all, label it all, and arrange for the movers to show up- load it- move it and unload it at the destination.  This can be a nice mix for many moves.

By far the most common option is the Do It Yourself move option- so let’s talk about that one option in greater detail.

First things first- Give Keep Toss Clutter

GO THROUGH THE ABOVE PROCESS before you LIST your home- if at all possible.  However, if you have found yourself in the delightful position of having sold your home too quickly then it is time to get down to business.  GIVE KEEP TOSS with a vengeance THERE IS NO NEED TO MOVE THINGS You haven’t used- probably won’t use- and/or did not even remember you had!!!!  Reuse them by giving them away- or having the American Traditional GARAGE SALE!!!

Once that is done- it is time to pack- highly recommend you check out the back-end cap of your local Lowes for MOVING BOXES- which if you are so inclined you can also order online!

Moving Boxes 2013

If you are wondering about the numbers- it is a moving system.  Once you get into the packing frenzy you will never remember what is packed where- but if you take the time now to set out a plan you can keep yourself organized.  Assign a NUMBER to every room of the house and as you pack that room- NUMBER the boxes- then when you get to the destination you simply tell the ‘helpers’ you have recruited to unload- ALL box #1’s go to the Living room , box #2’s to the Kitchen…and so on!  ..and if you are a bit on theOCD side- feel free to take it a step further and give each box a -sub number- this will then be tracked on a spreadsheet and will detail exactly what is in each box. So box 2A may be all pots and pans where box 2D will be dry pantry goods.  This too will help out when you arrive at your new home- and the family needs a place to sleep, some food to eat and everyone is exhausted from a long day of moving-

Look for Part 2 in the You sold your home! Now the move…series!

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