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Moving Boxes 2013 Last week we discussed the sudden joy and panic when your home sells especially in THIS new market where your home sells much more quickly than planned.  Folks, the market has changed in North Texas.  It was brewing for some time here and there and now it is much more widespread.  The reality of today’s situation is there are buyers calling and looking for the perfect home everyday- hey there are even Renters looking- all with no luck!

Yes there are homes out there, and if yours is one of them- that is great- we need it- do not despair.  However, if it has been out there for some time- BOTH with no showings AND no OFFERS then you need to double down and discover why- talk to your REALTOR® about the feedback and the suggestions and then do what makes sense to move your home at the speed you are comfortable moving at RIGHT NOW! (simply stated- if your time frame is to sell in the next 3-6months and you are already listed- you can be much pickier and less motivated- than the seller that is carrying two mortgages and does not desire that situation for one minute longer!!!)

Now back to You sold your home! and now the move…(Part 2).  If you have done the Keep Toss Give process, had your Garage/Yard/Estate Sale and are ready to move onto the packing phase- CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Call the movers!  Oh, you are doing this yourself then get organized and roll, bubble wrap and pack – start with the unused items, less used items, and then finally the daily used items as your last packed- first unpacked!

So First to go-

Out of season clothing, toys, books and knick knacks as well as wall art!  and LABEL LABEL LABEL it all and LABEL it well!

Next to go-

Attack the kitchen- Closing and moving in less than 45 days??- then ask yourself- do you need the following:

Electric griddle, Electric Skillet, Iced Tea Maker, Deep Fryer, Blender, Crockpot, 6 Frying Pans, 4 Sauce Pans, 5 spatulas, 3 Soup spoons, 10 Serving spoons, etc etc – or do you think- maybe- just maybe- for 45 days you could make do with the bare minimum- [THINK how you did it when you first were starting out- YES we allllll love our kitchen gadgets- totally get it, believe me, but as I ask my 9 year old when he wants a toy- IS that a WANT or a NEED?]

If you are fortunate enough to have multiple sets of daily dishware and glassware- yet only have 4 family members- RADICAL IDEA ALERT- pare it down to 6 of each needed items (6 glasses, plates, bowls, dessert plates…etc)  RADICAL I know- but you can do it!

Next will be-

much closer to move date the more frequently used items. and you will spend time whittling away at your food pantry- OK- do you really really NEED to move ALL those COSTCO/SAMS club packages of Cheese Balls, Water, and TP????  Or could you maybe just stop buying it for a bit and use up your inventory???  Go through yoru pantry- discard out of date spices and baking items that need to go- make a fresh start where possible.

Finally it will be MOVING DAY-

IF you have done it all correctly- the final pack will be a few quick roll ups in paper of te last kitchen items and daily use items (think packing for a trip- one suitcase per person and they are ready to go!)

ONE WORD OF CAUTION—- REMEMBER— you need to bring the following to closing:

Drivers License (non expired!)

House Keys

GARAGE DOOR Openers  (most frequently accidentally packed items!!!)

Be sure to LEAVE– in a kitchen drawer if you can-

Any Warranties on products staying with the home

Any Remotes for items staying with the home- i.e. ceiling fans or electronics.

Any shed or storage keys

OH- don’t forget- SNAP one last PHOTO of your home- for your scrapbook and memories!!!!

Once you are done- You are off and onto your new adventure!  Enjoy your new home!


Happy House Hunting in North Texas. If you need a REALTOR® to list your current home, or are looking to buy or rent in the North Texas region- Give Dawn a call/text 214-604-4561 at Avery Properties/Avery Realty Group- where Sellers Enjoy 4% Listings and Buyers Enjoy Cash Back!! (ask me how…..)