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Back to school in Forney and North Texas means more than backpacks, laptops and a book or two.  Back to school means early starts to days that were once filled with sleep ins and earlier arrivals to the office for hords of North Texans.  Which means they will be moving through school zones across the METROPLEX- and…trying to cut down side streets and around school zones to avoid them.

For the people that live on these side streets near to school zones we ask you to remember the kids are walking here as well- and daily life is going on as you rush to beat the traffic and get to the office 5 minutes early.  Please do not risk the lives of the littlest among us in your haste.  If that means planning to leave 5 minutes earlier- than just do it- and if some days you are just late Then take a hint from the WAHTABURGER commercial- swing by there- or anywhere- and pick up a morning snack for those that need to ‘overlook’ your one time tardiness!!!

Buzzing through a neighborhood, well above the speed limit, just to get out to the other side BEFORE the busses- is simply poor planning and brings so much preventable risk to your life and the lives of those in the neighborhood- if you take one lesson this year..Back to School- means Back to HAVING A PLAN for early morning wake up call!!

Be Safe out there- and bring your patience…instead of your CELL PHONE!!!