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Moving Boxes 2013  So what scares you more selling your home and moving or not selling your home and living among the anticipatory moving boxes!?  FEAR can immobilize anyone…

If you have made the decision to list your home and place it on the open market and expect to get offers to purchase one could draw the logical conclusion that you, in fact, wish to sell your home.  [Follow me so far..]

However, if when listing your home you refuse to listen to market analysis, you refuse to price according to market, and you refuse to prepare for showing then the thought may cross the mind of an observer that perhaps you have listed your house but you have not EMBRACED the idea of selling your home???  [Making sense yet…]

So what do you do?  How do you make peace with the two opposing actions?  You simply have to find a way to make peace with this piece of property you reside in and the moment you decide to list it must become a commodity in your mind and no longer your home- filled with memories and belongings that are about you.

The potential buyers will not pay for memories- but what they WILL PAY FOR is an amazing kitchen, well located home, spectacular views, a well groomed/manicured lawn/yard.  With that said the time to capitalize on what your home has to offer is the moment you list it on the market.  Do not let your fear of selling too quickly stop you from pricing it right and making the BEST first impression your home can make!

Thinking of selling your home and needing to take the next step or have your home on the market For Sale By Owner and want to take a more aggressive approach then give me a call today- let’s talk and IF I can get eyes on your home at the best possible price for you and your location in order to get you the best possible price in today’s market- I will let you know it is possible!!

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