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New windows on a home  RENOVATION LOANS are for Foreclosed homes only- TRUE or FALSE?

THAT is today’s question.

The answer is FALSE FALSE FALSE!!!!

Are renovation loans something people seek for Foreclosed homes well of course they are, but did you know that you can use renovation loans to finance the purchase and update/repair of an existing home on the market- NON FORECLOSURE!!!???

These are exciting times when your lender is doing you a disservice if they are not discussing all available products with you to meet YOUR needs.  If you are considering an aged home, or maybe a newer home with a few needs then you owe it to yourself to know which mortgage products would make sense to you in your home search.  I have talked about the FHA 203k before but it bears repeating as I still hear people discussing homes and crossing them off the list if they involve any sort of updating or repair work.

WHY???  The inventory of homes is limited right now- with only a few months supply of homes on the market why limit yourself?  This is a time to dream big!  Yes dream a little- and think what if we went with A- it is not exactly what we want- but location is right and price is amazing- if we can get the right loan product (FHA 203k) then we can do this and do that and create the home we are looking for (but are not finding on the market today!) ALL WHILE ADDING VALUE to our new home!!!

How many people do you know that can say they added value to their new home from day one!!??

Listing or Buying a home you owe it to yourself to Call Heritage Properties spc!

Dawn and Heritage Properties spc Can ‘Make YOUR home ownership dreams a reality!’