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Spring Flowers   ‘We found the perfect home, except…’  You have heard it said or maybe even said it yourself..We found the perfect home, except….!  So what is your except?  IS it perfect EXCEPT where it is located?  IS it perfect EXCEPT the color? IS it perfect EXCEPT the back yard, front yard or no yard?  What is your except………………AND MORE IMPORTANTLY can you live with OR CHANGE IN THE FUTURE your except???

In many many cases home buyers will find the perfect home except for one or two items and the reality is that they have to pause and ask themselves 1. Is it something we can change? or 2. Is it something that is not a deal breaker, can we live with this?

From size of yard, to color of paint, to wallpapered walls (love ’em or hate ’em EVERYONE has an opinion on wallpaper!), to proximity to neighbor’s property, or lack of any neighbors, to location within community be it center of or distant from…theses are some of the most spoken issues but there are many many more!  What have you come across in your home searches as the end to the sentence We found the perfect home, except………. ?

Let us know what your except was and how you dealt with it if you chose to purchase the home regardless! AND if you are a home seller who just recently went through selling your home or are currently listed- what kind of feedback are you hearing about your home and what is the most common EXCEPT that comes up?  Is it something you are considering changing?  Can you change it?  And probably more importantly IF you put the time, energy and quite possibly ‘money’ into making the change will you alter your listing price? Share your experiences……. Look forward to hearing both sides of the coin!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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